Yes (unless you also fall under No)

Exercise Yoga instructor

Exercise Yoga student

Never done Yoga before

Don’t know anything about Yoga

Curious about the big picture of Yoga

Interested in metaphysics

Ponder life’s big questions, purpose or meaning

Curious about underlying principles of all religions

Curious about underlying principles of my religion

Religious, and also interested in others’ beliefs

Religious, but upset with dogma

Religious, suffering a loss in faith

Don’t go to church but believe in God

Spiritual but not necessarily religious

Do spiritual practices, but no Guru-given sadhana

Practice meditation, but no Guru-given sadhana

Agnostic or atheist, but curious

Open minded skeptic

Maybe Not

Practice sadhana given me by a true Guru

Already know some Yoga philosophy

Have studied Yoga philosophy in depth

Closed minded skeptic


Not interested in any beliefs other than mine

Religious, not interested in others’ beliefs

Religious, certain that other beliefs are wrong

Pray for the salvation of folks with other beliefs

Only my beliefs are right

Try to convince everyone to believe as I do

Will not rest till everyone believes as I do

Mission is to convert everyone to my beliefs