What previous students say

“I wanted to let you know how much your class really did change my life.”
Teresa, NV

“Thank you so much for this wonderful course. It has changed my life!… It was amazing. It was so thorough and consistent. Intense and so inspiring.”
Pamela, FL

“Your course has answered questions I have pondered for a lifetime. It has literally been life changing.”
Heidi, FL

“Thank you, thank you! This was the best part of my [hatha yoga teacher] training.”
Pam, FL

“As a yoga instructor, my students have asked several questions over the years that I wasn’t able to answer before taking this course… Dr. David Druz is a knowledgeable and experienced yogi in disguise as a regular guy.”
Sara, CO

“I learned so much and really enjoyed it!”
Kristen, HI

“I can’t thank you enough for this life-changing class!”
Jennifer, FL

“A great experience for beginners and experienced yogis alike.”
Josh, CO

“I am a veteran [school] teacher of 18 years which has made me a student most of those years as well… I must tell you that you rank among the best teachers I have ever known.”
Susan, NV

“Thank you! Your class was so clear & made wonderful sense… This was a big leap for me.”
Catherine, FL

“I need to say again that I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the class and am ever grateful to you for the time, effort and knowledge you shared with us.”
Michelle, HI

“You have made me think and want to know more.”
Chris, FL

“Dave has a magical gift of sharing the underlying messages and true yogic concepts in this phenomenal book [Autobiography of a Yogi, the course textbook ].”
Di, FL

“I am in complete awe and treasure this book [Autobiography of a Yogi, the course textbook ].”
Mike, HI

“As far as your course, I have to say it was my favorite part of our year-long [hatha yoga teacher] training.”
Anita, NV

“I can truly say that I am a different person after these past two weekends.”
Laura, FL

“It all makes so much sense to me, the course and book really filled in some blanks, put a lot together for me. So simple and easy!!… THANK YOU!!! I’m very, very grateful.”
Vicki, HI

“It has been a true privilege… My soul has been deeply affected by your words and actions.”
Scott S., FL

“This class is the ‘Theory of Everything’ that science has sought for so long… It can shake the foundation of who you think you are.”

“I gained more from the class than I can or want to put into words.”
Beate, FL

“I learned more about my spiritual well-being than I could have possibly imagined.”
Deanna, HI

“I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for helping me understand the message of Yoga more clearly! You are an inspiration to my soul & to those around me.”
Jade, FL

“I needed this!”
Wendy, FL

“Your class and our time together was a joy.”
Tony, NV

“Thanks for shaking things up… you are an inspiration and incredibly generous spirit!”
Colleen, FL

“I feel like my whole life has changed.”

“I have learned a great deal & will carry it with me throughout my life.”
Lauren, FL

“I’m glad your course has opened my eyes to what I’ve been searching for.”
Dawn, FL

“I am so thankful to have had opportunity to take the course with you. It was truly life-changing.”
Jill, HI

“What more can I say other than THANK YOU!”
Jennifer, FL